Sunday, November 28, 2010

Basic Rules/Tips sa Pag Nenegosyo! (for smart OFWs) - Part I

There are two basic rules to follow before taking out money from your pocket to buy a product and/or to invest.

1. The first consideration is PERSONAL.
2. The second consideration  is whether or not the the offering and the company that is making the offer is legitimate & creditworthy. Most likely , IT IS REALLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Talagang malamang hindi totoo ang pangakong pinansyal.

Personal Considerations
  • What is my interest in joining this business?
  • Will I buy the product because I need it?
  • Will I buy it because it is available only from this group?
  • Will I buy it because I'm getting a very good discount?
 or if it is clear that your interest is not to buy but rather to make EXTRA INCOME,

ask these questions further:

  • Will I make good Extra Income by selling the products?
  • Is the products worth the time & effort I must exert to earn extra income?
  • Will I have the time & talent to make this happen?

You have to be very clear about what you can expect to receive.

if your answer is NO.walk away from the offer , this is not for you & we both save ourselves time&money.

However ,if your answers are YES and you want the EXTRA INCOME because it is very attractive, pursue

the specific objective of finding out if the offering is legal , the company & the agent making the offer are duly licensed. be continued (Part II )!!!+)#description

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