Tuesday, February 14, 2012

God can re-write your ♥ story!

Oh how we love stories!

Most of us when we were kids used to ask our parents to read or tell us love stories.
Romeo&Juliet!The Notebook!Serendipity,Julio at Julia & more.. :)

Looking back our life has made a pretty story too especially on our relationships with the past people in our lives.
Sometimes we find ourselves in a worse situation, regretting our actions and there are some decisions in life which have changed us completely.

They say regret is always at the end. It was never first—never will be. We asked our minds if only---
If only I have not gone abroad then maybe I’m still with my knight & shining armor?
Or  If only I have love him more, we should still have been together?
If only I have been strong enough before to resist temptation ?
If only I have not said that?  If only I decided to marry him or her before?

We cannot rewind the hands of time ------ thisis an inevitable truth.

But you know what? When we came to a point in time in our life where we feel so dirty , ugly ,soiled and completely hopeless that we even gave up already  on ourselves , God still doesn’t give up on us. That’s how much He loves us.

And in a blink of an eye  God can re-write your story--- yes even your love story!!!

Have you found your prince charming or has it become a jumping frog?
Have you found the one? But let it slip away?
Have you just gone out of a relationship or still healing from the wounds of the past?

Don't give up hope on finding that someone special-- whether you are in your late 20’s or 40’s .Don't lose hope.
Believe in the faith of God over the faith of man!

My grandma remarried at the age of 65.It surprise me & her daughter (my mom) especially.
She is now happily in love.

My friends. Ask God for strength...God is still writing new pages..new characters..and new chapters of our life will unfold right before our very eyes..in His perfect time. ^___^

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