Monday, February 27, 2012

Stop being Poor! Leverage!

A man always prayed to Jesus so he could win the lotto. One day, Jesus appeared to him and said, “Ok, I’ll make you win the lotto but please, please… BUY A TICKET!” :p

Similarly most of us want to be rich. But the question is how badly we want it?

Do we do something about it?

We wonder why we are still poor after all the years spending in your job or abroad.

We may have born poor but if we die poor is our own responsibility. It is only the accumulation of our decisions from the past.

Kabayan , I urge you to pause and think for a while..will your job make you rich or financially well off?

Your Boss will get rich but not you. So don't be an employee forever. DREAM. Dare to change. Get out of our comfort zone.

Otherwise we cannot expect any improvement in our lives it will be a repetition of same days slowly aging you while we get poorer as the economy stumbles down.

Just like the man who keeps praying to be successful or financially free but does not have the action for his conviction.

If you want to get rich , look for the opportunities to EARN EXTRA INCOME around you.  You cannot rich just by wishing and praying. 

God will look for a channel to flow His blessings and that channel maybe in the form of stocks , bonds , or business.

It's all up to you but bottomline is God cannot help you if you do not exert any effort and considering TIME  we may have gotten old before we become a millionaire or maybe too late to see our kids or our parents have a good life.

We only have 24hrs each day so why not use the power of leveraging?

See the illustration above, imagine POVERTY is the stone..d ba mahirap po na buhatin mano mano yung bato? pero kung gagamit ka ng leverage kaya hindi po ba?

Basta legal , tapat , walang masasagasaan  at maayos po ang gagawing pag negosyo ay kayang kaya po nating iangat ang ating buhay sa kahirapan!

Grab your Dreams!

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  1. luck has something to do with it... either in business or something else... it requires special skills or knowledge to be successful for anything... coupled with luck, nothing could go wrong...