Sunday, July 15, 2012

Have you ever been in a rock bottom situation?

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life -  J.K Rowling

Google defines the word rock bottom as the lowest possible level and one point in our lives we experience this kind of feeling where we feel  we are stucked.

No matter how we tried to get up or start anew we always end up on the same situation. It can also be likened to a quick sand that the more we struggles the more we are pull down to the depths of endless dilemmas..

How many times we have told to ourselves we are going to change yet found ourselves repeating the same mistake over and again?

Are you emotionally , spiritually or financially broke?

Couldn't find a job for many months?  Literally ran out of money?

How many times we have told ourselves we will lose weight but end up gaining weight more than before?

How many times have we said to God that we will be faithful to Him but end up sinning again?

What does it take to truly change?

Is a strong conviction and a strong why enough?

Yes our mind says it is not the right thing but sometimes at the face of temptation we falter

We unconsciously close our eyes to the truth and give in to our earthly desires

Yes we are only human but that should not be an excuse to rationalize our wrong doings

The end does not justify the means

So shall we accept and surrender hopelessness?

Absolutely not  as long as there is a single strand of hope within us..

As long as our heart is beating , we should not give up the fight..

For once surrender yourself completely to God,

Raise your hands to heaven and beg for help..

That you cannot do this alone..recognize that  truth..

Pray hard ..pray deeply..and have that faith that God is there to listen to your supplications..

Who knows being at the rock bottom maybe the greatest turning point in your life? 

If you are at a low point in your life, I encourage you to give some thought to why this could be a defining moment that completely changes the trajectory of your life. If you’re asking yourself “why am I in this situation, this sucks?”, then you are setting yourself up for failure. 

You’re going to need to shift your focus and ask yourself the question “How can I use this opportunity to take my life to the next level?”. If you do that you’ll find that dramatic positive change is inevitable.

The beauty of hitting rock bottom is that you truly have nothing to lose...

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